Kidd Insurances celebrating 95 years of experience!

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Kidd Insurances, probably Irelands oldest Insurance Broker, The Story so far...

5 Years is a long time in business. 95 years is a remarkable record of consistency over almost a century.

When the golfer Mr. Alan B Kidd founded Kidd Insurances on 29th October 1919 operating from the hub of the Insurance Industry at the time in Dawson Street in Dublin City Centre, it was a very different world. Alan B. Kidd The telephone number had only three digits (367) and the news of the time would have included the fact that in the USA the Prohibition Act outlawing alcohol consumption had just been passed, whilst in Paris the Treaty of Versailles had been signed. On the Technology front, Dial Telephones went on sale for the first time. It was undoubtedly a tumultuous time to start a business in Ireland as the War of Independence gave way to the Civil War and all this was soon followed by the affects of the great depression.

Much of the information that can be gleaned about the early years of Kidd Insurances comes from The Irish Times newspaper advertisements and notices. Even back then Kidd Insurances were early innovators offering a unique product to cover the peril of “....Military and Police Damage”; this might otherwise have been known as “Black and Tan Cover”.

As well as running a successful Insurance Broking business, Alan B. Kidd had become noteworthy in golfing circles. He became Honorary Secretary of The Golfing Union of Ireland in 1927, a position he was to hold for the next 21 years. He also served as a member of the Royal and Ancient Championship committee.

Kidd Insurances continued to advertise almost weekly in The Irish Times, ceasing only when Alan B. Kidd died in 1948. Kidd Insurances lived on and was run by a Mr. Nixon through the fifties and sixties and later the business moved in with Lloyd Armstrong and Ramsey in Westmoreland Street. By 1980, it had been acquired by Eddie Brownell and relocated to Rathmines. In 1984 Eddie was joined by Mike Brown who subsequently became a shareholder director of Kidd Insurances and later Cecil Geelan (ex Hibernian Insurance) was appointed as Chairman.

Over the years, Kidd Insurances has developed a number of exclusive products particularly in the Childcare/ Montessori space. In addition through its long business associations and particularly with Lloyds of London, it has built up a wholesale business specialising in Home, Holiday Home and Mobile Home Insurances. Kidd Insurances is a believer in Insurance Brokers working together to support each other in meeting the many challenges of today’s business world.

By 2005 Kidd Insurances had moved to the Nutgrove Office Park in Rathfarnham having had a sojourn in Harolds Cross.
EddieBrownell and NoelSweetman Noel Sweetman and Eddie Brownell
Noel Sweetman is the Managing Director and majority shareholder with fellow shareholder directors’ Eddie Brownell and his son Craig and Grahame Brown, who is the son of the late Mike Brown. The Dynasty continues.

From 2005 onwards there is a time of great expansion as Kidd Insurances go on to acquire a number of the long established Irish Insurance Brokers; Delwood Insurances, Connolly Gaw, Atlantic Insurance Brokers and Creditor & General. In 2013 Kidd Insurances acquired the famous O’Connor Insurances.

Who are Kidd Insurances?

Today Kidd Insurances is a Coverholder at Lloyds and has three key divisions; Retail Broker, Life & Pensions and Wholesale divisions. It boasts over 30,000 customers, has 55 staff in Rathfarnham with a branch in Bray.

Kidd Insurances have developed a business model where the professional and friendly approach of its qualified and committed staff is its key competitive advantage. The culture has a strong focus on the customer and an emphasis on hard work combined with a fun working environment. It is all underpinned by a very strong commitment to training and development with technical training running in the Rathfarnham premises on 4 mornings per week. Kidd Insurances believes that the proof of its staff quality and professionalism is the qualifications attained by its staff. Two staff hold the FCII qualification whilst a further 10 hold the ACII qualification. In addition there are ten CIP qualified, 8 APA accredited and 4 QFA qualified.

Kidd Insurances believe that the interests of the customer can only be truly protected by dealing with an Broker and particularly one who is a member of the Irish Brokers Association (IBA). Kidd Insurances, and in particular Noel Sweetman continues to play an active role on the IBA General Services Committee.

Having celebrated its 95th birthday in October, Kidd Insurances remains immensely proud of its heritage as Irelands oldest Insurance Brokerage, still carrying its original name (unless anybody can prove to the contrary). The company continues to grow and expand whilst being true to its history and roots in South Dublin. In addition, Noel Sweetman continues at every opportunity to honour (or attempts to honour) the company’s golfing heritage initiated by its founder Mr. Alan B. Kidd.