Non Standard Construction Insurance

Non Standard Construction House Insurance

Unusual build home insurance can be difficult to obtain in Ireland. However at Kidd Insurances we have the answer for owners of flat roof buildings, wooden construction, metal panel, you name it we can cover it.

Home Insurance in Ireland is by in large a competitive and easily arranged cover, but what if you are one of the many who have extended your home by building a timber chalet?

Most insurers are happy to quote for your home cover, but tell them you have had a timber structure erected on your property and they won't want to know!

At Kidd insurances we have a unique solution to this problem. We have negotiated a highly competitive package with Lloyd's of London, providing cover on Chalet and Timber Builds.

Flat Roof Builing Insurance Ireland

Kidd Insurances have a special insurance product for buildings with flat roofs, whether with a partial flat roof or entirely flat roofed. Insurance can be difficult to obtain for buildings with torch on mineral felt roofs but our flat roof insurance product enables us to provide cover. We can insure holiday homes in Ireland, main residences and even let properties.

Costing from as little as €175 we offer a comprehensive range of covers, including:

  • Damage by Fire, Lightning and Explosion,
  • Aircraft and Earthquake,
  • Storm or Flood Damage,
  • Bursting of Oil and Water Tanks and Pipes,
  • Burglary and Theft,
  • Impact by Vehicles and Animals,
  • Malicious Damage or Vandalism,
  • Subsidence.

Please note:

Cover is available both for timber structures erected on the grounds of your main home or elsewhere and occupied as a holiday home. We can even provide cover on the latter where you rent them out from time to time for profit!

You don't even have to have your principle residence covered with us to avail of this insurance. Cover is simple and straightforward to arrange.