House Insurance

House Insurance

With so many offers of home insurance and a wide range of premiums from the "too good to be true" to the way off the scale how will you know which is right for you?

If your motto is "cheapest is always best" then your buying decision is already made.

Kidd's unique KiddSure Home Insurance Scheme offers highly competitive premiums backed by the Financially Strong Underwriter, MS Amlin.

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House Insurance packages

Home Insurance

If you are renting the property, you aren’t insuring the property itself – only your personal content!
In addition any property owners can obtain rented property insurance. If you are a landlord and renting property to others you have to be sure the physical dwelling is covered in case of loss or damage. Most Insurance companies have a specified list of perils for what you are covered for with varying limits between the Insurance companies so it is important to make yourself aware of the covers that you are buying.

Before choosing your policy, call us to discuss the best insurance for your needs!

At Kidd insurances we have a unique solution to this problem for Log Cabins in Ireland. We have negotiated a highly competitive package with Lloyd's of London, providing cover on Chalet and Timber Builds. Read more about Log Cabin Insurance.
Unusual build home insurance can be difficult to obtain in Ireland. However at Kidd Insurances we have the answer for owners of flat roof buildings, wooden construction, metal panel, you name it we can cover it. Non Standard House Insurance.

Holiday Home Insurance from €199 inclusive of government levies and brokerage fee.

Read more about Holiday House Insurance!