Restaurant / Cafe / Take Away Insurance

Restaurant / Cafe / Take Away Insurance

Kidd Insurances offers Insurance for Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros, Fast Food Outlets, License Premises Serving Food, Take Aways and Catering Firms.

If you are in the hospitality industry you should talk to us, we are regarded as experts in this field and have no doubt we can improve on your present covers and premiums.
We can provide insurance cover for every type of cafe, takeaway or restaurant:

  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Café/Delicatessen Insurance
  • Coffee Shops
  • Traditional Chipper Insurance
  • Chinese Take Away Insurance
  • Indian Take Away Insurance and many more

Why do I need Insurance?

Running a restaurant is a logistically intense undertaking. It involves the purchase, storage, and preparation of food and beverages, hiring and supporting a qualified staff to operate your kitchen and dining room, keeping the inside and outside of your facility clean and safe, and maintaining valid health and safety inspections and licenses from the applicable authorities. Further, you should have proper business insurance to protect your business, you need a policy that you can rely on in your time of need, a restaurant has several risk areas to consider when buying insurance:

  • Injuries to customers in “slip and fall” accidents (Public Liability)
  • Food poisoning due to contamination or improper food preparation (Public Liability)
  • Damage or destruction to property or facilities (Property Cover)
  • Loss of Profits (Property and Business Interruption cover)
  • Injury to a staff member while on the job (Employers Liability)

When arranging Restaurant & Take Away Insurance we offer:

  • Instant cover
  • Fast, efficient and personal claims service
  • Free quotations
  • Help and advice over the phone or in person
  • Instalments are available on all packages

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